Nov 21, 2010

Guest star #1

This is the first example of mangaka who were not affiliated with ero gekiga publications, but at some point drew stories for them or are otherwise associated with the genre.

The story sampled below, called 姦楽の舘, was featured in the 1983/7 issue of Manga Love Call and is credited to 亜央城森 (AO Jômori? – not sure about the pronunciation). I can't prove it, but judging from the art it seems all but obvious that this is a pen name for the late SUGIURA Hinako (杉浦日向子), who was famous for drawing Edo-period tales in a style adopting techniques used in the art of ukiyo-e.

The story was reprinted in an anthology called Kannô gekiga daizenshô (官能劇画大全書), published by Softmagic in 2002 and now, sadly, out of print.

Note that the censorship is as in the original publication.

Nov 1, 2010

平口広美 - HIRAGUCHI Hiromi

Years active From ca. 1978

Published in

Garo; Gekiga Commando; Manga Carmen; Manga Daikairaku; Manga Love & Love; Manga Lovetopia; Manga Parking; Manga Touch

Among the special editions dedicated to the artist: Manga Daikairaku 1979/9, 1980/1 and 1980/12

Works (until 1990)

1980 マッスル (Muscle) (Bronze Shinsha)
1982 お札の先生 (Seirindo)
1982 奇妙な朝 (Keisei Comics)
1982 社会的責任 (Keisei Comics)
1982 白熱 (Keisei Comics)
1983 コスモスの丘 (Seirindo)
1984 ひとみちゃん (Keisei Comics)
1986 なつかしい穴 (LE Comics)
1986 美しい壁 (LE Comics)
1986 蜘蛛の糸 (Taiyô Tosho)
1987 バイオレンス・トーキョー (Violence Tokyo) (Tatsumi Shuppan)
1987 熱風ひばりケ丘 (Kawade Personal Comics)
1989 素敵なあなた (Ace Five Comics)


HIRAGUCHI also did illustrations and non-ero gekiga work. He's discussed in Agnes Giard's book Dictionnaire de l'amour et du plaisir au Japon. Amazingly, the artist ended up starring in and directing AOV porn films.