Oct 24, 2010

あがた有為 - AGATA Ui

Years active

Ca. 1976-present

Published in

Gekiga Alice; Gekiga Jack; Gekiga Yaro; Gekiga Zipper; Manga Adams; Manga Boin; Manga Daikairaku; Manga Dump; Manga Emanuelle; Manga Grand Prix; Manga Love & Love; Manga Love Panic; Manga Love to Mania; Manga Olympia; V Comic

Among the special editions dedicated to the artist: Gekiga Yaro 1981/8, 1982/4 and 1987/8; Manga Emanuelle 1982/2; Manga Jack 1980/6, 1982/10 and 1985/4; Manga Olympia 1981/11 and 1983/2

Works (until 1990)

1979 陰獣館 (Joy Comics)
1980 性熟記 (Joy Comics)
1980 処女診察 (Joy Comics)
1980 蜜がぬめる (Joy Comics)
1981 激しく犯して (Joy Comics)
1981 うずく性虫 (Joy Comics)
1983 女高生の秘密 (Million Comics)
1984 女高生の悦楽 (Million Comics)
1984 少女密猟期 (Ace Five Comics)
1984 人妻創性記 (Apple Comics)
1984 おねだり夫人 (Idol Comics)
1985 青い性獣たち (Heisei Comics)
1986 いじわるな指 (Million Comics)
1987 貴婦人達の夜想会 :と・う・す・い (Heisei Comics)
1987 女高生・麗子 (Million Comics)
1987 姉のレオタード (France Comics)
1987 美奈子・看病させて (Idol Comics)
1987 肉飼育 (France Comics) (with 蘭光生)
1987 女高生・危険信号 (Million Comics)
1987 もめんの誘惑 (Ace Five Comics)
1988 セーラー服・裏授業 (France Comics)
1988 女高生・個人授業 (Million Comics)
1989 人妻麻衣子の愛 (Idol Comics)
1989 少女のふくらみ (Ace Five Comics)
1989 胸騒ぎの放課後 (Million Comics)

Oct 9, 2010

九紋竜 - KUMON Ryû

Years active

Ca. 1977-present

Published in

Gekiga Butcher; Gekiga Jack; Manga Erogenica; Manga Excite; Manga Gorakukan; Manga Idol; Manga Kairaku Seven; Manga Wild Punch; Super Comic

Works (until 1990)

1983 獣欲病棟 (Bunka Comics)
1984 緊縛遊戯 (Bunka Comics)
1984 愛の姦情 (Ace Five Comics)
1985 愛に溺れて (Heisei Comics)
1986 やばい女 (Ace Five Comics)
1987 おいしい女 (Ace Five Comics)
1987 くびれた女 (Ace Five Comics)
1987 とろける女 (Ace Five Comics)
1987 すいつく女 (Ace Five Comics)
1987 淫華 (France Comics)
1987 女教師・志穂里 (France Comics) (with KIRA Hikaru)
1988 あぶないセーラー服 (France Comics) (with KUMAGAI Rokuro)
1989 からみつく女 (Ace Five Comics)
1989若奥さまは二十三歳 (France Comics)
1989 まぶしい女 (Ace Five Comics)


Drew his own stories as well as others'. The samples below are taken from two disturbing, self-authored jidaigeki tales, 妖花夢幻 and 秘抄人形 – published before 1983 (I don't know when and where exactly). As is the case with most ero gekiga artists still active, KUMON's recent work is completely neglectible.

Oct 3, 2010

三沢伸 - MISAWA Shin

Years active
Ca. 1967-2001

Published in
Comic Flap; Comic Magazine; Comic Sunday; Eros no heya; Gekiga Decameron; Gekiga Erotist; Gekiga Venus; Hardy Comic; Manbô Comic; Manga Adams; Manga Big Erobun; Manga Chest; Manga Daisakusen; Manga Dynamite; Manga Ecsta; Manga Eros; Manga Erotica; Manga Erotocomic; Manga Girly; Manga Grand Prix; Manga Jack; Manga Love & Love; Manga Love Punch; Manga Love Punch; Manga Lovetomania; Manga Olympia; Manga Romance Special; Manga Salome; Manga Sexual; Manga Sunny; Manga Tengoku; Manga Touch; Manga Utopia; Super Comic; V Comic; Weekly Manga Action; Weekly Manga Times

Among the special editions dedicated to the artist: Manga Idol 1979/10; Manga Kessakushû 1981/7 and 1983/11; Gekiga Yasei Gô 1982/3.

19?? 青春初体験 (with 麻生寛) (Joy Comics)
1978 甘肉の蜜戯 (Joy Comics)
1979 私を犯して (Joy Comics)
1980 濡れた発情期 (Joy Comics)
1980 色情ぐるい (Joy Comics)
1982 快感あさり (Roman Comics)
1984 のぞかれた果肉 (Ace Five Comics)
1985 人妻花弁化粧 (Idol Comics)
1987 人妻愛の遍歴 (Idol Comics)
2000 人妻近親相姦 (Ace Five Comics)
2001 借金妻肉返済 (Ace Five Comics)

MISAWA's manga apparantly both predated and outlasted the ero gekiga boom. I'm not familiar with his earliest work, but his recent offerings are vastly inferior to those of the period sampled in the images below (dated 1978-1984). The above list might be incomplete but should cover most, if not all, of his collections from the 70s and 80s.

Some of MISAWA's work (old and new) can be sampled and purchased digitally, for example here: http://starcollector.jp/seizin/misawa/misawa.htm