Sep 29, 2010

やまもと孝二 - YAMAMOTO Kôji

Years active
1977- ca. 1994

Published in
Doyô Manga; Gekiga Etsuraku Gô; Gekiga Killers; Gekiga Special; Gekiga Yaro; Gekiga Yousei Gô; Good Comic; Manga Bon; Manga Erogenica; Manga Erotopia; Manga Idol; Manga Plaza; Manga Punch; Weekly Manga Times

Among the special editions dedicated to the artist: Gekiga Yaro 1980/2, Manga Jumbo 1980/10, Manga Hijiri Shôjo Kan 1984/10.

1979 甘美な恥丘 (Joy Comics)
1979 遊ばれ好き (Joy Comics)
1980 欲しがる制服 (Joy Comics)
1982 感じる年頃 (Comic Pack)
1982 桃色白書 (Comic Pack)
1983 快楽夫人 (Million Comics)
1983 白い肌の神々 (with ABE Makio and KAWABE Yu) (Alta Comics)
1983 青春E気持ち (Man Comics)
1984 女子大生の体験 (Alta Comics)
1985 誘惑妻 (Million Comics)
1986 思いのままに… (Million Comics)
1986 誘われた若妻 (Idol Comics)
1987 あぶない人妻 (Million Comics)
1988 誘われて快感 (Million Comics)
1988 若すぎる義母 (France Shoin) (with SHIMA Etsushi)
1989 若妻のひみつ (Five Aces Comics)
1989 夢中にさせて (Idol Comics)
1989 人妻カルテ (Million Comics)
1993 蜜猟夫人 (Idol Comics)

Drew his own stories as well as other authors'. Rendered the only instance I've come across in ero gekiga of a gay lovemaking scene (in ねえ買って– the last story in the collection 青春気持ち – sampled in the last image below).


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  1. What a lovely blog!

    I always loved Toshio Maedas mangas. Nice to see styles similar to his. They don`t have the 10tacles, but the demons in his stories were getting on your nerves anyway, after a while.

    I would love to see some more of this artist. There isn`t any source where you can download such unknown oldschool stuff, huh? Anyway, thanx for sharing this!